Common Threads: Libraries and Visual Resources Collections Merging, Partnering, and Finding New Ways to Work Together

Visual Resources Association 26th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, March 14, 2008

Moderator and Organizer: Denise Hattwig, University of Washington

Academic libraries and visual resources collections are finding mutually beneficial new ways to work together to develop and deliver image resources. Libraries have become increasingly interested in digital images, subscription image databases, and visual literacy. Visual resources collections are building digital image databases, and are often looking for the technological infrastructure and metadata expertise typically available in academic libraries. Additionally, many institutions are emphasizing university-wide, rather than departmental resources, particularly as digital resources make this a possibility, and budget realities require it. In this climate, many visual resources collections have moved out of departments and into their college and university libraries. Others have developed partnerships with libraries to further common goals. In this session we will explore some recent libraries/visual resources mergers and partnerships, and how visual resources professionals are contributing, driving, and adapting to the changes these new relationships bring.


"Libraries Partnerships 101: Getting Started"
Denise Hattwig (, University of Washington

"A New Template. Transitioning the VRC from an Academic Department to Library Administration in a Small Liberal Arts College"
Margo Ballantyne (, Lewis & Clark College,

"Unlocking the Doors"
Amber Ruiz ( and Dena DeBry (, Stanford University,

Results from the VRA Professional Status Survey
Christine Hilker (, University of Arkansas, and Margaret Webster (, Cornell University

"VRC/Library Mergers. Some thoughts based on four strange occurrences"
Eileen Fry (, Indiana University

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