VRA 2008 San Diego
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Session 1
Free Association: Social Tagging in Online Collections

Session 2
Salt Cellars, Oliphants, and Gems: Preserving Legacy Image Collections

Session 3
Shark Suspended in Formaldehyde: Open Forum on Documenting Contemporary Art

Session 4
Interloping Images: Expanding Access for Those Outside of the Norm

Session 5
Common Threads: Libraries and Visual Resources Collections Merging, Partnering, and Finding New Ways to Work Together

Session 6
Improving Your Image: Marketing Visual Resources Collections

Session 7
Throwing the Cat Among the Pigeons: Keeping Visual Resources Positions Viable through the Digital Transition

Session 8
Digital Image Anatomy

Session 9
Digital (Dis)Order: Implementing Professional and Organizational Change

Session 10
Scholarly Communication and Collaboration in the VR World

Session 11
Collaborartion and Aggregation: Challenges and Opportunities with Unified Access

Session 12
Architecture and the Built Environment: Special Projects and Cataloging Issues

MDID Users Group

Special Users Group 5
The Transitional Space or Moving On Up: Facilities Planning in the Digital Age   

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