Interloping Images: Expanding Access for Those Outside of the Norm

Visual Resources Association 26th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, March 13, 2008

Organizer: Barbara Brenny, North Carolina State University

The ever expanding field of Visual Resources has brought us to a point where we must look for better ways to provide description and access for images of works that fall within debatable categories. These images may not necessarily represent art, architecture, or cultural artifacts. Images falling outside-the-norm may be in their own separate collection or reside in collections alongside images typically found in a Visual Resources database. In some instances, not treating some of these more questionable works as cultural objects may actually facilitate better access, depending upon the intended audience. Approaching the content as historic, scientific, or folksomic, may be far more fruitful. In some disciplines and areas of research, no rules or guidelines for description and access exist. Within these fields, the desire to access and share images in a collaborative fashion has necessitated the modification of existing standards or the creation of entirely new standards.


Building a Thesaurus from the Ground Up: Cataloging Universal Design Images
Barbara Brenny, North Carolina State University

Navigating an Intersection of Art and History: Battles and Leaders of the Civil War
Allan Kohl, Minneapolis College of Art & Design

Digital Imaging of Plant Photographic Resources
Dr. Jon Rebman, San Diego Museum of Natural History

Not Quite 2.0, but a Few Alternatives to Authority Lists and Controlled Vocabularies
presentation text
Catherine Tedford, St. Lawrence University

VRA Core STEM Extension 0.5: A metadata extension for images in the STEM disciplines
Krista White, Drew University