Architecture and the Built Environment: Special Projects and Cataloging Issues  

Visual Resources Association 26th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, March 16, 2008

Organizer: Heather Seneff, University of Washington
Moderator: Jodie Walz, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


The complexities of cataloging images of architecture and the built environment are myriad. Classification issues in architecture, landscape architecture, construction, and urban planning are often outside the scope of traditional vocabularies. Identifying and documenting buildings in a fast-paced urban environment can be confounding. Keeping up with contemporary design and construction issues in a global arena can be frustrating. How do architecture collections deal with these issues in a manner that is responsive to copyright, curriculum, and context? This session will deal with a number of these larger issues, while concentrating on specific problems in several collections.


Architecture & Built Environment Resources: Examples of useful online and “on-shelf” resources
Chris Hilker, University of Arkansas

Architects as Authors: from Blondel to Pugin
Joseph Romano, Oberlin College

collaborative collection building with faculty and students: MAPPING MODERNISM IN A CITY UNDER THE SEA
Francine Stock, Tulane School of Architecture